Zero or Hero? You decide!

I know, you often think that you are zero and not worth thinking of you as a hero. You just don’t realize that you ARE a hero! You master your life even if you often struggle and don’t see the beauty of life. Your struggles are not a fight against physical enemies. No, you fight your inner enemies. The truth is: don’t fight them, because you give them more power. And the power has to be in your own hands. your inner enemies are negativity, fear, you name it, they come in many forms. If you continue to cultivate them, they will never leave you, but you can let them go. The secret is really to let them go. I know, it is not so easy but you can master this “weapon” against negativity.

Once you have seen that this means retaking the power over your thoughts and fears, you become free and move forwards, your path becomes smoother and your gratitude stronger. Gratitude is the ally of happy people. There are so many things you can be grateful for: you are alive, you can breathe freely, you live probably in a flat or house, versus on the street. You can list many items to be grateful for and I invite you to do so every single day. You then will see that by doing this little exercise, you get stronger and happier every single day.

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