Winter, Winter and You

Winter seems to be imminent. Yestersday the weather was mild and beautiful and suddenly the temperatures have dropped to winter ones. This is how at present the weather conditions change from one day to the other and still we have to be prepared to face the “real” winter. What are you up to? Or don’t you care about how to enter the winter season? When the days become shorter, many people who suffer from anxiety, get more attacks. We know that the sunlight is our best help to face cold and rainy or snowy weather. What you can do is going for a walk while the sun is still shining. However, be aware that the sun is even present when clouds hide her.

Sleep is a good means to protect your health. If you can sleep 7-8 hours, you are safe. If you sleep less, try to relax during the day. Your body requires relaxation and anxiety cannot so easily creep up if you are relaxed or well rested. It’s also a good idea to change your food intake a little bit and give your meals more starch and magnesium. They both help the body to relax more and more and also help you to add some hours of sleep. There is a veggie product that can be mixed with everything you have to boil or cook. It’s name is “Kozu” and you can find it in health stores or in the health corner of supermarkets. This product helps you to relax, feel calm and, at the same time, helps you to detox your body.

Next time we will be talking more about the diet to adopt for winter. One thing I would add: eat pears more often. They give you nutrients that are important in cold weather.

Until next time, smile and be happy.

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