What a Shower can cause

It was actually not the shower but its physical form that caused my tremendous flight from the shower basin into the bidet. My landing there was not exactly soft. How could it have been? I may weigh approximately 110 pounds and to fall, even if the height is not really “high”, it was the landing of a dead weight. I was rushed to the ER where they told me that I had to stay in hospital for observation. Fortunately no bone was broken but I was losing a lot of blood. There was no open wound, the blood went just into the tissues and then “froze” so to say because it became hard like a rock. and this rock hurt really because every movement was painful. The nurses and physicians were all very polite and kind and once in a while we also had a good laugh. Fortunately, after many hours, my blood stopped to flow which was a good sign. I then knew that no surgery was needed.
The biig block of rock which was actually a terribly hard haematom, was very painful. i didn’t want to take painkillers, except for ice-cuscions and I did my Spring Forest Qi Gong movements instead. They could not complely stop the pain but they did a good job.
I was in hospital for 7 days and then I decided to go home. I had to think how I would manage to prepare my meals. And how I could treat my wound (after a while that block had opened a little and let blood come out,but not in big amounts, just a little bit. So we decided that a nurse would look after my wound and treat me at home. As far as meals were concerned, I did not have to prepare a single one. .My friends took over and brought the meals to me., thez shopped for me whatever I needed. Friendship is really a wonderful thing. You can judge your friends only when you are in need. They do what you would do in similar circumstances. Whenever your friends are in need, please help them out. They will do the same for you.

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