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In my Newsletter of February 11th, I asked people who have been with me for a long time but no longer open my Newsletters or promotions, and do not read my blog pots,  to unsubscribe. The result is not too bad. Quite a few have followed my invitation.

I guess there are still people who are no longer reading my NL that should unsubscribe. It is very frustrating to write texts and do reasearch that is then disregarded by subscribers. If you are on of them,. then do me a favor and UNSUBSCRIBE. If you continue to follow me, that’s great and I hope to be able to deliver good content that helps you on your way out of distress and anxiety. This is my aim: to help people live a better and more fulfilling life. There are many ways to achieving this success. In most cases success arrives by taking every day a baby step towards your goal. And I know that your goal is to live a totally fullfilling life. The baby steps could just be a simple positive sentence you pronounce every single day. As I already mentioned many times, language is most important to achieving a good life or to falling back to a miserable life. It all depends on the use you make of your language! Obviouusly, language is not the only step, but one that really counts. Choose your words wisely, speak in positive  terms,  avoid blaming others or blackmailing them.  Before you open your mouth think about what you are going to say. Positive language creates positive outcomes and negative languages creates what you would rather not like to have. 

Learn more about this by going to: https:/ www.mindvalley.com. Here you will find many ways to improve language and improve life.   

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