Pure Energy – Free!

Imagine listening to
something for five minutes with your eyes closed once in the morning, once in
the afternoon, and once again before bed.

Easy peasy.
Especially if it will change your energy in the day.

You can do it
absolutely free for six consecutive days beginning August 12.

[Link to use = //www.LearningStrategies.com/PureEnergyFest/home?aff=4203]

Each morning…

Put on the Morning Five Minutes journey. You might even call it a mini meditation.

You will be greeted with a flowing bath of positive
energy to lift you up and help set your intention for the day. Filled with the
generous qualities of pure energy, you’ll find the images, sounds, and music
setting the tone for a day of balance, clarity, and inner peace.

Each afternoon//www.LearningStrategies.com/PureEnergyFest/home?aff=4203

Put on the Rebalancer journey. Again, it will take
a mere five minutes.

You will rebalance your heart, mind, and soul,
which rebalances your entire day. No matter what has been happening in the day
so far. Any stress, disturbances, or problems will energetically wash away
giving you a new perspective on whatever may bring you out of harmony. It will
help generate a well-balanced springboard for the rest of your day.

Before bed…//www.LearningStrategies.com/PureEnergyFest/home?aff=4203

Put on the Bedtime journey.

You will clear your energy field of the negativities
of the day and allow your Soul to rest in positive energy before sleeping. Your
outlook on life and how your body, mind, and spirit work together will lift

Five minutes, three
times a day, for six days. And it might just change your life forever. =

Try it out at the
upcoming Pure Energy FestGet your Free Pass here, and join us three times
a day on your computer, phone, or other device for amazing experiences. It’s
free. There’s no cost or obligation. Just something to bring a little peace and
sanity to your day.

Yes, you can do it for just one day, but experience the magic of what happens when you do it six days in a row. The Pure Energy Fest is ready for you.//www.LearaningStrategies.com/PureEnergyFest/home?aff=4203

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