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The other day I listened to a Masterclass organized by Mindvalley. The person interviewed was talking about the meaning of Diet. We all speak of “diet” when we try to shed weight, to change our shape or gain our health back or for many other reasons.

Eric Edmeades, the person who has developed a way to regain health and fitness, cleared the idea of “diet”. The name of his program is “Wildfit” He said that the human being is the only species that does not think just about eating but labels everything as a diet whereas we should just go back to our natural and zero-kilometres products. Instead, the humans have invented so many “diets” including products that come a long way and are not healthy for everybody. If you live in the North, you are probably not used to what people are eating in the South and, actually, these products are not meant for you. You should try to eat was the soil of your area offers because they contain what is good for you as they are grown in the same energy that you breasthe in every single day. You should also renounce processed foods. They contain artificial stuff. And, on top, they contain sugar, sometimes lots of sugar and other artificial or somehow not natural stuff. He also showed us what we think is natural: vanilla flavor. It is natural, but it is not true vanilla.It’s produced with the anal fluid of beavers! We better stay away from such “natural vanilla flavor”, don’t you agree?

I was completely convinced of the ideas when I saw the examples Edmeades showed. There were two people I know personally and I was astonished when I saw how they looked before they started the program.They both had a “swollen” unhealthy looking face but after the 90 day program their faces and bodies looked much younger, much healthier and much happier. Both, but especially Marie Diamond, said that she had never felt better and she now knew how to change her daily menu and what to eat in general to preserve her good health and look. Go here to learn more:

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