Have your ever moved from one home to another ?

If yes, you know what that means: letting go of old stuff, even if you dislike the action of letting go. Letting go possibly of old habits not only old clothes and old stuff.
The two actions can go together and they can be very creative . It is very healthy letting go not only of what you used to wear but also of what you used to do in your old flat.
There are so many implications. I think most of them help you grow as a human being. It helps you to get rid of clutter, all things that have accumulated in the course of many years. If you are a “keeper” and collect whatever comes your way, moving can help you heal from this state of mind and open it upp for new views and habits. The keeper often is anxious: what would happen if I lost these things I so dearly love? It’s mostly not love that keeps you “keeping”. It’s either fear or possessivity. Both are not noble characteristics or simpler, habits. I invite you, even if you are not moving to another place, to give away your old clothes, your old shoes or other clothes. They might be right for other people, keep them warm or at least give them something they can own.
In every country of this world you find organizations that collect worn clothing to give it to immigrants or other people who have lost everything. There are millions of them. And we, certainly all of you, can do without the unnecessary. Think of it for a moment. The Western world lives in riches, whether you believe it or not. Most people not only have a roof over their head but they also have clothing maybe a car. They go on holiday and have money to spend whereas the millions of homeless don’t have any of these things. Helping to lessen the difficulties of others is a good action. It not only helps the other people but it makes you feel good. And you like to feel good,don’t you? I therefore hope that you will not only think of it but act accordingly.

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