Has Flu knocked at your door?

Everybody is speaking about flu and its importance in this season. It’s true, flu comes mostly in the winter, but does it really have to come?
Don’t we have the means to stay flu-free? Of course we do but most people do not know them. We don’t have to take pain killers or any other pill against high temperature. No. Our bodies know better if we let them act. There are also plants that can help our immune system to be ready to protect you from flu.
Like ginger. You may eat the ginger root in small pieces. Put them on a slice of bread and eat one slice with ginger every day. Ginger is like an antibiotic and anti-viral and anti-bacteria all at the same time. It’s possible that you don’t like the flavor but that should not keep you from eating it as it is much safer than any pill.
You can also help your body stay healthy and safe simply by saying thank you to the Universe. It has granted you your body so that you can make experiences on this planet and grow as a human being, becoming wiser and more mature,understanding life better.. Being thankful is one of the greatest means to a happy and fulfilling life. If you practice thankfulness every day, no flu can knock you down. Nor can other illnesses.
Try it. You might be very surprised by its effects on you.

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