Food for Anxiety

Who wants to be joyous?  Who wants to be anxious?

I guess you already know the answer. Who does not want to be joyous? Nobody. But most people don’t think about joyous as being a way of life. Joy is often thought of as being a result of material wealth. It definitely is not.

Joy is an inner state of being. Do anxious people feel joyous? They might, of course, but it is not a permanent state. Anxiety is not linked to joy. Anxious thoughts exclude joy. So my question is: what do you do in order to feel joy? Joy of life is certainly the most desirable feeling. It comes from the heart. Everybody is able to achieve it. It takes a bit of discipline and willpower. Joy is also food for anxiety. It gives the mind and the spirit what physical nutrition gives to your body.

Joy grows on the basis of a positive way of thinking. And a positive way of thinking is how we speak and  how we act. What can we do to change our way to a  positive one of thinking,  speaking, and acting ? By observing our words. Certain words are better avoided.

Words like unfortunately, unlucky, and all the other “un”‘s  as well as all words that are negative like “bad, dreadful, awful and so on,  are not wanted in the  positive way of living  because they express fear or anxiety. Whenever you say such a word, you should get aware of it and then avoid saying it again. By doing this  exercise daily, you get used to expressing yourself in positive ways only.  It is a natural cure for anxiety!

Whether  you believe it or not, this helps you to live better. To feel better. To act better. At the beginning, you might think that it is not worthwhile but then you get aware of the better quality of everything that happens in your life.  It is also a way of becoming a member of the large community that exists in the world with people s all over the globe that believe in this way of thinking and behaving. They know what not physical  Food for Anxiety is.

They are convinced  that, if we all, think, talk  and act in a positive way, we can help our planet and ourselves. Negativity is a destroying pattern whereas positivity is an uplifting and constructive one.

We all know that our planet urgently needs constructive thoughts and actions. By  joining  the growing community of constructive people, you will see friends all over the world, people who think in the same positive way as you do. I think that we are all called to play a certain role in the world. Once we know what our role and purpose is, we will also know that joy is better than anxiety. It helps ourselves and it helps all the others. It helps our planet as well. How?  will you ask. As we begin to think positively without any fearful thoughts, the energy will shift.  In certain areas, the energy  is still full of hate-red, of fear and of destruction. It is no good to simply condemn  the leaders of these areas. It is better to send them positive and loving thoughts. These latter help them to  abstain from other actions against the populations. You then become warriors for a better world and that is much better than to live in fear and anxiety. You become warriors for  a joyful world.  This is a longterm project but it is certainly worthwhile to engage in it. Don’t you think so?

Thank you for joining the joyous people.

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