What do You Feel: Is Your Anxiety more Present in Times of Covid19 ?

The media are really increasing  fear and anxiety in vast populations and actually they do no good to anybody. Covid19 can just stand for all akward situations in the present world.. But why do most people buy into the stories that the media are presenting and which are not always true? We should not listen to all the negativity  presented all over on TV, on newspapers, on the social media, I would say practically everywhere. Negativity only increases the possibility of getting an illness, be it Covid19 or any other illness because illnesses are as negative as what we are hearing and reading all day long. The best way to come out of this situation is to no longer watch television, to not read newspapers or news on the internet, to not chat on social media and to talk to positive people. It’s better to read a good and fun book, to go for a walk, to watch a fun movie, to  do healthy activities and to eat healthy food. Sleep as many hours as possible. This helps boost your immune system. Eat plenty of fruit and organic cereals. As supplements I recommend to add vitamin D3 and vitamin C, of this latter take 1 to 2 grams per day. It not only helps your immune system  stay strong but it also helps to fight Covid19. This “program” can be applied in all parts of the world because the situation is equally difficult in most countries. 

First of all: be positive, try to avoid to talk about this or any other disease. Whatever are your thoughts and words, know that they may transform into facts. If they are negative, they might bring you negativity which should be avoided in all and any circumstances. Positivity helps you to protect yourself and your loved ones, it also helps you to maintain a normal life and that’s what we all need. There won’t be a return to the life we used to live before this pandemic event changed the world but we can rearrange our way of living so that we are safe and our surroundings will be safe too,

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