Do you know your Empath?

Do you know that you have a source inside that helps you feel what the other people are going through and that you are able to help them just by being yourself? Yes, just yourself! Most people do not act as themselves. You may have noticed that you, when you are at work, or in company of other people, you may be not just yourself but acting as the outside person you show people and many of these people will believe that what you show is the real “you”. You yourself know deep inside that what other people perceive is not the true “you” but the face you show the world. If you go deep inside yourself and know that you are with your Self, you also know that you can help suffering people to come out of their suffering showing them your true Self and guiding them to their own true being. Your true Self is the empathetic you. Show it where you feel it is required. And learn to use it properly. How can you learn it? Learning Strategies have a program that is running right now. Go to their website and you will find the link. Or go to my Newsletter and find the link.

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