Anxiety and Money

Do you recognize these words? Have you every thought that your anxiety could be caused by a lack or the fear of lack of money?Is this thought often present in your head? You are not alone. This fear seems to be the  ground  of many anxiety attacks.

At the basis of all these fears and anxieties there is a lack of trust. The fear of  what lies ahead of you. The fear of not having  enough for you and for your family. Anxiety is the opposite of trust. In all senses. Whether your anxiety is based on ill health, on bad economy, on lack of money, on lack of self-worth, All these anxieties boil down to a lack of trust.

What are you afraid of? If money is the target of your anxiety, these bad feelings will not increase the money in your pocket. You know that anxiety attracts  more anxiety. Like attracts like. This is a law, it is not only a simple statement. It is a universal law like the law of gravity and its validity has been proven  many times to be true.

It is certainly difficult to overcome periods with little money in your pocket, or none at all. However, these periods are meant to be challenges. If you look at the lack of something in this way, you will find the power and creativity to make the best out of it. Making the best out of a difficult situation, strengthens you. You will get proud of how you were able to master the situation. It will probably help you to overcome the next challenge as well. Even if you have been without a buck in your pocket, you will still have found the power to get something to eat, to find a place to live, to put your head on a cushion at night. Be thankful for everything. Be even thankful for the little money. It is better to have little money (or whatever else you would like to have in masses),  than to have none at all.

There are ways to get out of a financial crisis. One of these ways starts with gratitude. Be thankful for whatever comes your way.

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