About the Change -from Anxiety to Joy


Did you feel the change that has been taking place in these last days of December? It is a change of energies. Not everybody can feel it.But that doesn’t matter. The acceleration of the planet’s energy is taking place and will continue until everything and everybody will have reached the 5th dimension. That is   until  everybody will have understood that life is meant to be love and joy. This process will last for a long time. Everybody is given the chance to reach this point.

During the Birth event, you could see and feel  that the motivational leaders that had gathered in LA all contributed to encourage people around the world to join this community of loving members. As we are entering 2013,it is a good idea to resolve that you be a member of this ommunity.  You aim at taking care of yourself, of your community and of the planet . In other words, your actions and thoughts will be positive and you will correct your mind’s attitude to think negative. OK? I am happy to see that you are all committed to this resolution. I wish you all the best. You will find easy ways to overcome your anxiety and fully live the  joy of life.

To get a help in this endeavor, you can login to the link and find a fantastic course that helps you on your journey to joy



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