Still Moving Home…

You wouldn’t believe it, after more than a month since the actual moving, there are still surprises coming my way.
When I went to the people’s registry office in my town, they looked at my home contract and said: “you can’t live in that flat. It is already occupied”.
I must have looked quite dazzled. Why the … could I not live in that place? Where should I then have moved to?
I said to the lady to please call the administrator of the building who would certainly know the reason. The administrator’s clerk then admitted her mistake.
She had written a number 2 instead of a number 1. So my place was safe. I could live in the flat I had entered a few days earlier.
But my surprise did not end there. I looked at the keyholder for my home key. It read: 1st floor. And that is fine. I live on the first floor.
But then I saw a completely different address. How could they have mixed up two different addresses. The spelling of both should not be mixed up. It is true that both street names begin with CA, but that is all, the other letters are obviously quite different.
At the beginning in my new home, the noise of the streets around was almost too much to take in. I was not able to sleep.
The cars are and were rolling day in and day out, night in and night out. I though I was going crazy because I couldn’t sleep.
I was prepared to move out immediately, but that has its cost. You can’t leave a house and have to pay the rent for 2 years without having another house that would cost nothing.
So I started to sleep in the different rooms available. And I started to experiment with Feng Shui as well.
This ancient Chinese science has really a word to say in every house and place. You should listen to it.
I did.
I decided to sleep in the smallest room where I could put a bed exactly in my South/North direction.
You know what? I finally had a good night’s rest.
My own bed is still in another room. Last night I thought to myself: why not try to sleep in my own bed and make a comparison between the two directions and locations. My own bed is in the wrong position. It’s put East/West.
What happened? I DID sleep, I had a nasty dream and was all messed up this morning.
A walk in the park before going to the office helped me overcome that unfortunate state of mind.
I am happy again, the sun is shining and the temperature is finally summerlike.

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