EFT helped me to substantially reduce my weight in a short time and my weight is now stable.

I am very thankful to Elisabetta who taught me this method.

Cristina R.


As I had had surgery in my mouth just the day before the EFT class, I had severe pain. After only a short session of EFT taught by Elisabetta, the pain had gone for good. The surgeon too was surprised at how quickly the wound had healed.

Federica G.

Thanks to what Elisabetta taught me, long-forgotten memories came to surface and I am now able to work on them.I am very grateful.

Maddalena S.

I went to see Elisabetta because of an invalidating anxiety. As I have to commute daily from Italy to Switzerland and to do it on the highway, every single day I was really suffering a lot. Elisabetta  helped me discover the reason of this anxiety and we worked for about an hour. My anxiety is completely gone and I drive now free from any hurting feelings.

Thank you

Brigitte B.

One day I went to see Elisabetta because I had difficulty breathing and I had an overall itching. She helped me with  EFT and we worked  on the issue of an allergy. When I went home, I was so tired that I i went to bed, slept all night long and then the problem was gone. The next morning I felt fine and the allergy has never shown up again.  

Alessia R.

 Elisabetta has been teaching me EFT for some time.

Now I am aware of what has always caused me psychological pain and I am working on it. So far I have achieved excellent results.

Darija P.

 SpringForest QiGong


I had to undergo heart-surgery and I recovered immediately from using
the SpringForest meditation and breathing techniques learned from Elisabetta and was able to leave hospital days before the doctors thought it would be possible.

I am really grateful.

Carmen M.

 My doctor told me that my eyes needed surgery. I did the special eye-exercises taught by Elisabetta  for two months and when I went to see my doctor again he asked me what had happened. There was no sign of disease any more and no surgery was necessary.

I am sure I owe all this to the teachings and the exercises of Spring Forest QiGong. 

Angela V.

I rang Elisabetta because both my eyes were aching, very red, swollen and emitted pus. She told me she would do a healing at 12.30 pm. I then could feel her presence and soon my eyes got back to normal. I am very grateful.

Barbro E.


I had an awful pain in my right shoulder and I was afraid of travelling the next day with such a pain.  Elisabetta  gave me a healing session and the pain got better immediately. Before the end of the lesson I asked her to do the healing again and then the pain was completely gone. I was able to travel and the pain never came back. It had gone for good.

Thank you

Carla H.

 I learned SpringForestQiGong at Elisabetta’s classes and would like to point out that my physical as well as psychological health improved a lot.

I am so thankful.

Alma A.

 When attending Elisabetta’s classes, my grand-child was suffering from a terrible cough. I did on him the exercises I had been taught and the cough got rapidly better and then completely disappeared.

I am very grateful.

Adriana F.

 When I started attending SpringForestQiGong classes with Elisabetta, I had a severe pain in my prostate. She did some healing on me. I immediately felt much better and relieved.

Thank you.

Enrico M.

 When I started learning SpringForestQiGong, I was undergoing chemotherapy. Before each chemo-session I went to see Elisabetta, who did a healing on me. The results were amazing. I had very few side-effects from the chemotherapy and was even able to work .

I am profoundly thankful and grateful.

Gabriele A.

When Elisabetta worked on my leg, I suddenly could feel the energy pulsing again. In fact, due to chemo-therapy, my right leg had suffered a neurological damage and no longer gave signs of vitality. I am immensely grateful for this reactivation of my right leg.

Thank you, Elisabetta

Jeanine E.

 I was diagnosed cancer at the 4th degree. My girlfriend who lives in Switzerland, started working on me together with Elisabetta who has then “accompanied” me for the whole period until my cancer had completely gone. Although I live in Venezuela and Elisabetta was sending energy from Switzerland, I could feel it immediately. I completely recovered and will always be grateful for what Elisabetta did.


 Agegate Therapy

Some 25 years ago I divorced my husband. I had dearly loved him and was therefore offended to death when I found out that he had a love story with his assistant. Since then I had suffered a lot and could not forgive him until Elisabetta started working on me. We did several sessions about the trauma I had suffered. At the end of these sessions I was again able to talk to my ex and to no longer feel bad. Now we are again in touch, even with his wife. We respect each other and care for each other. I am deeply grateful.

Barbro E.

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