The Feminine Christ?

    First of all, my apologies. I didn’t have access to my computer or to any computer for a long 12 days. Now my computer and I are back and here is what I would like you to listen to. If you’ve ever felt that the religious traditions we’ve inherited are deeply imbalanced, relegating the Divine Feminine to a meek, mild and submissive role and that as a human family we have suffered unnecessarily because of it, then I have a very special invitation for you! The Shift Network is hosting an amazing woman – cultural Jew, inter-spiritual teacher, and mystic-scholar – Mirabai Starr for a free online tele-event on Wednesday, November 20th at 5:30 pm Pacific: Reclaiming the Feminine Christ: What Female Mystics Can Teach Us About Living a Sacred Life. During the event, Mirabai will explore some profound and provocative questions: What if Christ refers to the Feminine Face of God… which happened to find beautiful incarnation within the male body of Jesus? What if the entire mission of Christianity was to reunify sacred masculine and feminine in order to birth a new kind of human?  What if we understood Judaism and Christianity as part of the same stream that is calling for greater healing of our world through repairing the wounds in our own hearts, minds, and bodies?   If you long to…  reclaim our religious heritage through the wonder of long-ignored female mystics. heal our legacy of religious shame and see ourselves as sacred and whole. dissolve the religious schisms that have led to war and great misunderstanding. Then, I lovingly encourage you to register now for this free event:
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