Your Fourfold Path of the Modern Mystic

Becoming a Courageous Modern Mystic

If you aspire to be an evolutionary leader, modern-day mystic or change agent, I have a special invitation for you to participate in a free call that features modern-day mystic Matthew Fox, whose 28 books have inspired millions and created a wholly new vision of the spiritual path.

On October 16th, on a free call hosted by The Shift Network, Matthew will share the core principles of walking the fourfold path of the modern mystic on his free teleseminar: The Fourfold Path of the Modern Mystic: Becoming a Courageously Divine Human.


In this free event, Matthew Fox will share with you how to create real alchemy in body, heart, mind and soul by integrating four powerful streams:

  • Joy (a product of the Via Positiva)
  • Grief (of the Via Negativa)
  • Creativity (from the Via Creativa)
  • Justice (the end result of the Via Transformativa).

When these four currents are married in your life, you develop the kind of spiritual courage that has changed history again and again. It’s the synthesis of the light and dark, embodiment and transcendence, art and social action. It’s an expression of the Divine Human that is seeking to be born through you.


If becoming more Courageously Divine calls to you, please register now for this free call.




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