Words nothing else than Words


Words, we use them daily, even almost in continuation. And most of the time we use them without thinking a lot about them. But words are not just words,they are vibrations, they impact not only ourselves but they impact the world. That’s the reason why they are so important. Very often, bad words are used continuously without us even getting aware that they are not good.

I highly recommend to pay attention to the words you use. If you think of how products are publicized, you will find that they are described as “killer”, as “bombs” or other war-related words. Do you think that is good or bad? And if that were not enough, all newspapers and television-stations are talking about war, about killing, about bombs, about all the negative information like boats full of people and boatloads of people drowning. As an answer to all these negative pieces of information, you can send love and loving thoughts to the people involved in wars and in flights from their homes and drowning in the sea.

It is obviously bad and what it does, is an imprinting on everybody’s mind. This imprinting doesn’t bring anything good. Do you see the point? So, we have to consciously choose our words. It’s better to speak less and to use good words that imprint everybody’s mind with good vibes. Words can pollute the air as strongly as stale air. You can feel it if you watch people. You can feel it in yourself and in the behavior of others. Don’t believe me? Just check it out. If you pay close attention, you will get a feel for it.

And thanks to this feel you will want to change your own way of expressing yourself. You will try to speak positive words, to no longer use bad language.

It’s worth to give it a try. By using good language you will feel better, even your health can improve, you have better relationships and your overall life will get better. Anxiety might completely disappear. Words are so strong in either way. That’s why you will want to choose the positive one.
I wish you all the best,


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