Would You Like to Read at Lightning Speed?

You certainly would! It is a good habit  to read a lot. Reading gives us insights. It helps us to study more and more topics. It makes us more knowledgeable.

If you are still reading the way you learned it when you were in the first grade, you spend a lot of time and you probably do not retain as much as you would like.

Don’t despair. There are ways to do better. The best way was given to us by Paul Scheele, the inventor of PhotoReading.  He developed this fantastic method
about 30 years ago and it has taken the world by storm. Literally, if you think that it is taught in  16 or so languages all over the globe you can imagine that it is very valuable.
Why is it so valid? This method not only helps you to absorb written material in short time: it has many side effects that give you other benefits.
What are these benefits ? you may ask. You will be surprised. There are many benefits that can help you in all areas of your life.
It opens the angle of your sight. This helps you in trafffic whether you are a driver or a walking person. It helps your to improve your memory, which is a priceless tool.
It helps you to be calm or to calm yourself down in a matter of seconds.

It opens up you mind. You will learn that what you used to see around you is not all that is. You suddenly see many more things. I think this is one of the assets
I most appreciated when I first learned the method… See you tomorrow…

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