When I Don’t Eat, I Get Anxiety

“When I don’t eat, I get Anxiety!”

Have you ever heard such a phrase? So, what does this person do? Do you think that she or he (I don’t know whether this reader is a man or a woman) continues to eat the whole day? Continues to do nothing else but eat? I cannot imagine a person who does nothing else but eat. The body would certainly not support such a continuous activity which would do nothing else than hurt the whole person. We eat, first of all, to maintain our body and soul, to maintain our health.

If we eat too much or the wrong things, our body gets sick. Even a person who suffers from anxiety or depression knows that eating is not a full-time job.

To go back to the reader who wrote that sentence, I would like to tell them that they should find out why they are compelled to eat in every moment of the day.

We all know that eating is a way of comforting the person. However, there should be fixed hours for our meals. If you have got cravings, just try to eat something which doesn’t give many calories to your system and which cannot hurt the body in any way. Some raw carrots, an apple, another fruit, a handful of nuts, should do. You will see that your system can be satisfied because these little snacks are energy-boosting and calming the mind.

They also provide you with a good mood. Eating should be a pleasure and should not mean that “when I don’t eat, I get anxiety”.

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