What Triggers Your Anxiety?

Are there specific events that cause your anxiety to mount? Have you ever noticed whether it pops up after you have eaten certain foods? Or do you long for specific foods and drinks? – Try to watch whether your eating and drinking habits have changed lately. This also because the times we are living in, may cause major stress. And this stress may cause more anxiety.

Two hints: don’t overeat and don’t forget to eat.Both conditions are unhealthy. As always, best is to keep the middle way.To eat regularly. To keep your food as healthy as possible.Most important: add fresh vegetables and fresh fruit to your diet. Don’t eat too much sugar. Avoid caffeinated drinks. They push your nervous system too much. If the nervous system is unbalanced, the anxiety is around the corner. It will pop up out of the blue.

If you sleep enough, if you eat properly, you will be in control of your anxiety. It is that important. Think of it. I know that there are other things which might cause you anxiety. Your behavior in your day to day living helps you to stay healthy. I guess that this is your goal, isn’t it? I hope it for you.

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  1. i thought this was a really great post to read. i’ll check back for new posts by you!

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