What Kind of Energy is Anxiety?

Since Einstein we all know that everything in the universe is energy. Everything, be it a rock, be it an animal, be it a human being, be it an emotion, be it a disease, be it a thought Everything is energy, some are dense forms, some are subtle forms.Energy is something we cannot imagine and still, it rules the world.

The existing energy will always remain the same in quantity but it can change in quality.

We know that a rock is a dense form as is a piece of furniture. On the other hand an emotion or a thought are subtle forms of energy.

On the basis of this knowledge, everybody will agree that anxieties are energy. According to Energy Psychology, anxieties and diseases of all kinds are blocked energies. This knowledge is not new. In fact, it is based on ancient Asian Wisdom, but it was not used for centuries and has now seen its comeback.

Knowing this, we can work on our anxieties in various ways. The modern methods are many. Most of them have been developed by Americans. Applying these techniques or methods we can remove all forms of anxiety, stress and related diseases. It may take some time but the results are extremely good and lasting.
Changing your energy means changing its level. Anxiety is a low energy level. If you live anxiety-free, your energy level is high. It means that your thoughts do not admit negativity and that you live in peace with yourself and with the world. You can reach this state of mind by using little and easy to implement steps.Ways to overcome anxiety can be found in my ebook Anxiety, Goodbye! Download it and use the simple steps that helped myself to gaining a better state of energy and living a better life.

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