What Is Meditation Good For?

As the MeditationFest will start tomorrow, many people may ask what meditation can do for people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It can do a lot. As you will see from September 10 for one whole week, there are very many different ways to meditate. You may choose the way you prefer and which will give you calmness and joy. This  is actually a  fantastic way to find out. Every mentor will tell you what his/her way of meditation is meant for. All have one thing in common: all meditations help you to relax. Not only the body get relaxation but also the mind. Our minds are busy all day long, but with a meditation, even if it is short, you can quiet your mind. The chatter can stop for a few seconds and that is already a good result. Sometimes, the chatter may stop for much longer, but  the main thing is to interrupt our continuous  thinking that, in most cases, is not helping us. If we have to solve a problem and can’t seem to get any results, a short meditation and relaxation can bring about what we have been searching for.

You can still sign up for the MeditationFest. Do it today, at the latest on September 10 when the MeditationFest will start.


I wish you to choose your way of meditation and then stick to it. The results are often miraculous, especially if you continue to do it every day.


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  1. Prayer and meditation is so important for me every morning. It keeps me focused and ready for my day. Making it a habit was hard but now that it is, I can’t imagine going without.

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