What is Clutter? Does it Reign In Your Life?

Clutter can have various forms and various degrees of influence in your life. The lightest form is that of disorientation. You cannot remember where you put something, where to find it and you lose time searching for it. You get angry. You get upset. You are mad at yourself. Apparently, the average American spends every single day approximately 20 minutes searching for something.

That is a lot of time. If you add it up just only for a week or a month, you will be surprised.  Imagine, in one week, seven days, that person spends more than two hours searching for something, getting angry and upset.

Why can I not remember things? Why do I lose important documents? You perfectly know that getting angry at yourself is a waste of time and of energy. So, try to understand why you accept this state of being. Do you have any fears? Do you want to keep secret what you have lying around? Are you jealous of what you possess? And why that? You see, there are many questions to be answered. And you have to answer them yourself. A third person can just help you  and ask questions and then you might answer them together.

Why are you disoriented? Are there things in your life you do not like? Are you unhappy with your job, with your family, with life in general?

It is just to find out what you disagree on. You can sort out every single aspect  you don’t like. The best solution  is to write down every aspect and why you are not satisfied. What does it do to upset you? What could you do to change it? Sometimes you can reverse  the whole situation by applying little changes. First of all: be aware that life is a great gift. If you don’t appreciate it as such, you hurt yourself. It is the way you look at things, at the world in general and at your job and your life that creates disorientation and, eventually,  clutter. If this is your case, just take a look at those little things you are unhappy with and see what you can do to look at them in a more supportive way.  This will help you greatly. Once you are more positive, disorientation will just be something of the past and you will no longer have to fight with clutter.   A great help to overcome clutter and the reasons why clutter has come into your life, is the use of EFT. More on this next time.







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