What Does Your Throat Tell You?

Your throat is the crossway of communications. This does not only refer to your spoken language. Communication can happen on various levels and it does not only happen if other people are involved.
First of all, keep your throat warm. Especially in fall and winter because it is a very delicate organ. This shows when you feel the pain, caused by cold air. This can be avoided if you cover your throat with a warm scarf and opt for warm drinks instead of cold ones. If you observe these simple rules, you protect your throat. You are able to speak up if your throat is protected.
And you are able to sing.
This is one side of your throat or one of its tasks.
However, let us talk about communication. This can happen by the spoken word but also by thoughts. You may talk to yourself. What do you say to yourself? Are you assertive or do you judge yourself? Do you judge other people or do you always weigh your thoughts and words?
Whatever the kind of communication, it affects your throat. Your throat is an important energy point, a chakra. Your throat also “knows” everything about your past or present life persecution.
If you feel persecuted, it shows in your throat. It may show up as a lump. That does not mean that the lump is physically present, but it is a sensation that you may have. If this is the case, try to understand what has got stuck in your throat. Are there feelings of not being understood by others? Are there feelings of injustice suffered in the past?
In other words, the throat is your friend who helps you detect what disturbed you in the past or disturbs you at present.
If, on the other hand you continue to talk and talk and talk and nobody can stop you, there must be a problem about lies that you expressed or that you were told. Then you based something, some conviction or some mental pattern on these lies. Obviously, at that time you did not know that there were lies being told, unless you expressed them yourself.
Don’t worry, you can heal yourself. The throat is, as I said before, a crossway. Try to follow the various ways according to the indications I am giving you here.
There are many precious or semi-precious stones that can heal your throat condition, there are also sounds that can help you, or even just a color.
As far as the stones are concerned, they are here to energize and strengthen your throat, the fifth chakra. Each and every blue shade stone will help you clear your throat.
You may also wear a scarf with blue colors. The sounds that help your throat to heal are “so” or “ham”. You can chant them or say them (even if you did this in your mind).
To clear your throat, helps you also clear your mind. Isn’t this fantastic? Each organ is connected to the other organs. They can help each other.. And all organs and cells are connected to your mind. I think everybody can do something for themselves just by following simple steps. II wish you a healthy fall with your healthy throat.

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