What is SFQ?

Have you heard of this yet? If yes, you know how powerful it is. If not, I am just going to explain what it is. S stands for Spring, F stands for Forest, Q stands for QiGong. QiGong, the ancient Chinese method that has helped millions staying healthy. But QiGong as it is taught in China is nothing for the Western World. It is too complicated because we do not know the philosophy behind the method. Fortunately, we don’t have to go to China to learn a simpler form thought for the Westerner. In fact, Master Chunyi Lin has created a series of movements that are very simple to learn but give you the powerful effects the ancient method has given to millions of people in China in the course of some millennia. Master Chunyi Lin came to the United States  in the nineties and got aware of the differences of mentality and life style between China and the Western World. Backed by his Chinese QiGong Masters, he then developed SpringForestQiGong, the simple movements you can even learn with a home-study course, how to relax, to take your health  back and to enjoy a joyous life. Master Chunyi Lin returned to his country after a year spent in the United States. He then had a vision and immediately knew that he would come return to the USA and dedicate his life to teaching people how to heal themselves and help heal others.  His vision  is  “a world without pain and suffering”.  In 2015 there was the celebration of the  20ieth anniversary of SFQ .Thousands of people all around the globe have learned the small and simple movements that can help heal all ailments. The movements alone give you peace. Peace is a state of mind. If you can keep your peace also during the day to day life, you won’t suffer from stress. Your anxiety will be drastically reduced. It will disappear for good. If your stress level is high and you do nothing to help it reduce, it could cause you severe damage.  With SFQ-movements you have a strong weapon that helps you  keep your stress level low and build up your peace of mind.  Peace of mind is one of the goals you reach with SFQ. It lays the basis for further improvement.

How? The calmer you are, the better for your health. Your body will work in synchronicity with the surroundings, with the universe. How come? As we know, everything is energy. If the various energies do not act in contradiction, they create a field of support. If your world supports you as a human being, you, on your side support the universe and whatever lives around you. Isn’t this fantastic? At a certain level,. we are all one. We vibrate together. This is the ideal state. If we all vibrate together, we help the world do the same. In other words: by doing the small movements of Spring Forest QiGong, we all contribute to a better world.  We can help the planet and we can help reduce wars, famine and fighting. We are all responsible for what is going on in the world. So we better do something that can help all of us live a better life. All people who are now flying from their countries because of war, of poverty, of fear to be killed. Let’s help the world because  by doing so we help ourselves.

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