Want Success? Achieve Your Goals?


I know you are familiar with the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. You get what you ask for. Ask/Believe/Receive.

I also know you are probably not getting everything you want.

Today that changes.

You have been given a gift of a seven-part, professionally produced audio course, created by Law of Attraction master Jack Canfield. It is called the Effortless Success Mindfest: “Activating” the Law of Attraction,and it truly is free with no obligation

Use it. Learn from it. Change your life.
All free of charge.

Your first beautifully created session is available for you right now. Just click here and you can be listening in a few short minutes.


* In your FIRST session you will learn Jack’s secret to Live with Purpose
and Celebrate Success.

* Your SECOND audio session will help you Receive Inspiration.  The topics
on this recording include: Open to Guidance, Universal Laws, Inner Wisdom
Meditation, Life Purpose, and Manifestation.

* Your THIRD session will help you Form Intention. Jack teaches you: Dream
Big Goals, Clear Vision Meditation, Create the Vision, Intentions and
Affirmations, and Appreciation.

* Your FOURTH session will help you Take Action. You will explore: Affirm
then Act, Rule of Five, Positives from Negatives, Creating You Day Meditation,
Take the Leap.

* Your FIFTH session will help you Experience Growth. Jack will help you
with: Trust and Respond, Daily Review Meditation, Review and Transform,
Focus on Solutions, Believe the Dream, Law of Least Effort.

* Your SIXTH session reviews the Effortless Success Basics, addresses
common questions, and helps you with: Staying Inspired, Keeping Faith,
Your Calling, Real Guidance, Finding Purpose, Finding Clarity, Jack’s Practice,
and Feeling Good.

* Your SEVENTH session explores Questions and Answers from those
using the teachings of Effortless Success.

Jack teamed up with our Master of the Genius Mind, Paul R. Scheele, to create the AskingParaliminal. Put on stereo headphones, push play, close your eyes, and Jack and Paul will guide your inner mind to effortlessly activate the Law of Attraction in your life.  Listening is like being in a mental candy store. And yes, this session is free for you, too.

Why is it free? What’s the catch?

It’s even catch-free! No strings attached. Jack has enjoyed a mega successful life, and he wants to give you and everyone you know the opportunity to capture the power of the Law of Attraction and shine!

After all, 1/2 billion of his Chicken Soup for the Soul books are in print—you probably purchased some of them, yourself. His other most notable bestseller is The Success Principles and, of course, he was a featured teacher from the Law of Attraction hit film and book, The Secret.

These free online sessions will help you bring success into any arena of your life: your finances, your health, your relationships, your personal growth.  It starts by claiming your free pass and listening to your first session right now.



Feel free to pass this post onto your friends. Let’s give everyone a chance to get more from life. While tens of thousands have purchased these recordings for hundreds of dollars, they are free now, but only for a limited time. So spread the word and take advantage of Jack’s mastery and generosity.

For your effortless success,

Elisabetta, ereist@reistlingue.com



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