The Tapping Summit 2012

first of all an apology. I am sorry that no posts have reached you in the last three weeks. This is due to the fact that I have been traveling and was not able to access a computer. Now I am back and here is what I am proposing to you.

The Tapping World Summit 2012. Most of the sessions have already taken place.
If you would like to listen to them again and again, you can buy the recordings.

The Tapping is the Emotional Freedom Technique I have been talking about many times.
As this method is so powerful, you might want to listen to some of the conferences
that have already taken place but that are still online.
You can listen to them for free.

Last night there were the presentations of “Energy Medicine and Tapping:
a Perfect Marriage” and “Opening Up Your Option – The Choices Method”
You can listen to these conferences right away until 8PM EST tonight.
Tonight’s theme deals with one of the most
frequently asked questions I get and one
of the most important messages I try to
get across about Tapping.

Here’s the question…

“Can I use Tapping for _________”
(fill in the blank)

That’s what I get asked all the time.

Since Tapping has so many applications,
I’m constantly asked about different ways
in which it can be used and if it works
for different issues.

And after having helped many clients
and having seen it used by so
many others on such a huge variety of
issues, I tend to have a pretty good idea
of how it works for different issues…

But I still always come back to one main
concept that has been one of the central
themes of Tapping since it was first

And that’s that you can literally…

“Try It On Everything”!

So tonight we’re covering two hot topics
that I’ve been asked about a lot in
the past…

“Does Tapping work for improving sports


“Does Tapping work for Insomnia?”

The red room presentation is with Tom
Hanson. It’s called…

EFT and Sports: The Mainstream
Breakthroughs That You Can Use Today
to Improve Performance

In this presentation Tom will share:

– His initial breakthrough, that blew him away

– Why athletes are oftentimes the easiest to
convince to use these techniques

– His breakthrough stories with athletes

– Tapping for lack of confidence

– Actual tapping session for past trauma in
sports or other performance issues

And the green room presentation is with Ruth
Stern and it’s called…

Tapping Into Deep, Peaceful Sleep and
Overcoming Insomnia

This topic is hugely popular because with
all the stress we have today, many people
struggle to sleep! 🙂

In this incredible interview presentation
you’ll discover…

– How to determine the real cause of insomnia

– Tapping for nighttime “monkey” mind

– How your daytime activities are affecting
your nighttime sleep

– Tapping protocols for deep, peaceful sleep

These two presentations go live tonight at
8PM EST. Until then, make sure to listen to
the Day 8 presentations. 🙂

Here are all of the links again:

The main page…

And the two backups…
If you cannot click the links, please copy and paste them into your browser. Thanks

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