The Service

The other day I read a book that really impressed me. It was about the Joy of Service. The author tells his own story. He used to work very hard but did not like his job. He only wanted to impress his father. He worked so hard that he completely forgot about his social life and his family until one day he woke up to life, to say so, while he crashed into his garage door. Actually, he got aware of his life purpose after the second crash into his garage door. He then understood that, if he just worked for the pleasure of others, he did not really live. He was surviving and his life lacked a very important ingredient: joy. I hope that you live your life with joy, that you understand that, whatever you do, is important. Every job adds to the good life of somebody and not only to your own life. That means, if you love your job, whatever it is, your life is richer and more fulfilling. Joy is also a better choice than anxiety. You can add joy to your life with every breath you take. Just be thankful that you can breathe and that you have eyes to see the beauty around you. Gratitude transforms itself into joy.
Give it a try. You will be happy about the changes you can see in your life.

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