The Power of Feng Shui

do you remember what I told you last year about Feng Shui and what had happened to me?

At mid April Learning Strategies will again be offering a Diamond FengShui Fest that will last for 6 days in a row. As usual, this Fest is free of charge.

At the beginning of April I will send you a complete text with testimonials but  you can sign up here for this FengShuiFest:

I have another story to tell you about how Feng Shui worked in my business. Last year, we had the whole business checked by the famous FengShui Master Marie Diamond who proposed various changes.

She said that there would be people who might leave the company as they  would no longer be able to stand the changed and better energy. She said it could also be that some freelancers who come in once in a while or for short periods might no longer feel at ease.

This would happen after 9 weeks of the implementation of the changes. FengShui apparently works in cycles of 9s. Something could have happened after 9 days, after 9 weeks or after 9 months.

And it did happen. Not after 9 days. There you could just feel a slightly improved  atmosphere but not so that it could be noticed by everybody.

After 9 weeks it was like a bomb.

The person who was supposed to take over  my business, resigned. I couldn’t understand it. And I was completely lost. The person who had come to me years ago  and seemed and behaved as if she was my daughter, was willing to leave me showing a completely different face than that I was  used to.

Unbelievable. Unheard of. Nobody could believe it. Everybody were friends with her and with me and now, all of  a sudden, she was leaving.

When I finally got on my feet again, so to say, I found out a lot of things I wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t gone. And there were no nice things I found out.

After all, the fact that she left, was a gift from Heaven.

I got in touch with Marie Diamond  to tell her the story and she had a talk with that person.

Now, after 9 months since the implementation of the good FengShui, the business is  again in good shape.

Everything is fine. We are doing well again, the atmosphere is good and people like it.

My  business is back to its former good standing. That’s a fantastic gain thanks to the “loss” I thought I had suffered.

I am really amazed on how important FengShui is. And I am deeply grateful for  what it did for me and my business

I highly recommend you sign up for the FengShuiFest that starts on April 14. You can already do it here:


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