The Next Scientific Revolution? Find out more…

We are living at a truly monumental point in human history when the paradigm of reality is shifting in every area, including science.

Fascinating evidence is mounting from every direction causing the materialist paradigm of science to break down.
What will replace the materialist paradigm? And how will that new paradigm change how we think about… everything?
On Saturday July 20th, Ervin Laszlo and some of the foremost thinkers of our day will be engaging in a groundbreaking exploration into these provocative questions on a free global teleseminar:  The Next Scientific (R)evolution: The Emergence of the Akashic Paradigm with Consciousness at the Core  

You are invited to join Ervin Laszlo and his esteemed guests Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Riane Eisler, and Duane Elgin, in public dialogue for the very first time.

You’ll gain powerful insights from these scientists, philosophers and futurists who are each uniquely attuned to the pulse of this historic shift.

Learn more and claim your free access here:

PS:  If you want to be on the cutting edge of evolutionary change, you want to be tuned in to this event:

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