The New Year Anxiety

The New Year Anxiety

Do you suffer from it? It is not worth your energy. Do not use your energy for something that has still to occur.

A new Year is just the change of the date. It does actually not mean anything else. Many people would like to put a warning tag on a new year. Why worry about it?  Embrace the new year. Be open for new things, for new thoughts, for new actions.

New Year’s Resolutions are hardly ever maintained. If you are very serious about something and absolutely want to achieve it, you might be willing to take a resolution. If you do, please try to stick to it whatever it takes to reach your goal. Only then is it useful. Then it is your guide for the days to come.

A New Year is neither bad not good. It is just what you think it is. Even if there are difficulties for many, these are means for  growing ,for growing as a human being. This is your task. Nobody has ever said that anxiety should be involved in your growing, in your maturing, in your becoming a better person. It is you  that give values to things, to facts and to happenings. It is meant that your daily life, your way of living is sparkling, is a light for others who cannot yet see the beauty of life, of the planet you and I  walk. Try to be a light for others and your anxiety will get less and finally disappear. Helping others in every possible way, helps you and me  to focus on something else. Your thoughts do not go around your fears and anxieties, but can be creative and find help of all kinds for others. Helping others means also helping ourselves. And there is no space for anxiety if you are open to be there for your neighbors.

Make it a good year. Look forward with optimism. The New Year is as good as your thoughts about it. Make them positive.

I wish you all the best

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