The Hornet

The other day I heard a noise which let me think of a helicopter flying close to my bedroom window. I was really frightened because I could not understand wh they were flying so close to buildings. I was completely mistaken: it was a huge hornet. And it was not outside my bedroom but on the window inside! How could I get it out of the room? Opening of windows would not help. It hid somewhere I couldn’t see As I am allergic to bites of bees and the like, sometimes with really bad reactions, my only thought was to kill the poor hornet. But how? I didn’t have anything strong that could kill it. So I tried to spray what you spray if mosquitos are disturbing you.
I suddenly didn’t hear him any more. Had he died? Was he hidden somewhere?
I left my home to go to work hoping that the hornet had gone to Heaven.
I always feel sorry if I have to kill one of his relatives.
But I was mistaken again. When I arrived home in the evening, my guest-hornet was flying freely in my living room. The morning diet had only let him sleep. He was maybe narcozised. I tried again to spray what I had in the house. He now was flying in the directiion of the light. This gave me some hope. But he was stronger than the lamp’s light. I saw him climb down from the lamp and fly for approximately 1 meter onto a plant. I sprayed again. He tried to escape again to the lamp. I sprayed again and he flew back to the plant. Would he never give up? He kept climbing on the plant. My spray was almost gone. I gave it a last try. I didn’t want to have him in my house for the night. Even now that he was feeble. I felt sorry for him but had to try to kill him completely. He finally climbed down from the plant and then was on the floor. Still alive! He was moving around, trying to return where he had come from. Suddenly he let himself fall on the floor and was still moving his legs. He was a beautiful hornet and I still felt sorry for him but I also understood that now he was in agony and I killed him completely. I took his corpse and let it fall down into the water. Why amI telling you this story? You see, Nature gives us strength, she gives it to an insect like the hornet but she also gives it to us. And this story told me a big lesson: never give up! Give your best to overcome any challenge. You will make it even if the chances seem to be against you. But you are not a hornet who, if he had stung me, would have died anyway. You are called to live your life up to the maximum of joy, health and gratitude. To be your best self. This lesson is telling us just that. In order to overcome your challenges you won’t have to fight against somebody who tries to take you out of their way. What you have to fight against, are your anxieties. But if you just accept whatever comes your way, you will win. You will win over your anxieties, your challenges because you give your best to keep yourself going. If you need some help to be asssured of your own strength, go and get my book “Releasing Anxiety, Inviting Peace: small changes that make a difference”, available on com

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