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I just got a feedback from LearningStrategies about the Meditationfest. They are saying that the success was really huge and that they have received fantastic feedback from thousands of participants.  They are telling me that, due to the huge success they encountered and the still incoming registrations, you can now listen for free to the first session.  The site becomes evergreen. That is,  whenever you want to listen to that meditation, you can do it and it is still free of charge..The organizers also say thanks to all the participants and their enthusiasm.

Knowing that what they offer can help thousands of people live as better life, is actually what the organizers wanted to achieve. They have certainly reached their goal. To go to this evergreen site, just register here:


As you know there will be another “fest” offered by LearningStrategies together with Jack Canfield. This time it wil be dedicated to success. Everybody has another image of success. It can mean so many things. It really has a very personal meaning. You might like to feel better, you might like to have more money, you might like to have a better relationship with your family or with a significant other. You might want to have better health. Maybe that your desire is even different from the ones I just mentioned. It doesn’t matter. As long as you have got this burning desire and want to achieve and do whatever it takes to reach your goal, you should listen to this upcoming Effortless Success Mindfest.  In fact, the course was designed by Jack Canfield and Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies. Both know a lot about the  way our brain works and the implementation of the law of attraction that helps us achieve our goals. That is what this new fest is all about.

It certainly will be of great help to  many of you. I have personally worked through this course and am very happy I did. The course itself consists of a manual and of CDs. The steps described are easy to follow When you register for the Effortless Success Mindfest  that lasts 6 days, you will be able to listen to the  meditations that are great. They already give you a fantastic input that you can  use in your everyday  life.

The event is a seven-part, professionally produced audio course, created by Law of Attraction master Jack Canfield. It is called the Effortless Success Mindfest: “Activating” the Law of Attraction. And as always, the event is free

Jack has enjoyed a mega successful life, and he wants to give everyone you know the opportunity to capture the power of the Law of Attraction and shine!


After all, 1/2 billion of his Chicken Soup for the Soul books are in print. You probably purchased some of them, yourself. His other most notable bestseller is The Success Principles and, of course, he was a featured teacher from the Law of Attraction hit film and book, The Secret.


Jack teamed up with our Master of the Genius Mind, Paul R. Scheele, to create the Asking Paraliminal. Put on stereo headphones, push play, close your eyes, and Jack and Paul will guide your inner mind to effortlessly activate the Law of Attraction in your life.  Listening is like being in a mental candy store.


The Effortless Success Mindfest begins on Monday, October 8, and will run for six consecutive days though Saturday, October 13.


To register for the Effortless Success Mindfest, click this link:


I strongly recommend you sign up for the Effortless Success Mindfest because it offers an invaluable help on your way to lasting success and satisfaction



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