Some Gentle, Deep and Slow Breaths…

…can dramatically change your world! And your life. It is incredible but it’s true. In fact, although we know that breathing is essential to life, we do it on complete autopilot. If we did it the right way, we woul feel nothing but fine. Our problem is that our breaths are hasty and not complete.

We breathe in up to 60 % of our lungs’ capacity. In other words, our lungs are never completely emptied. There always remains about 40 % of stale air. When filling our lungs with fresh air, every time that we breathe deeply and slowly, the stale air is expelled from our lungs. Breathing slowly, inhaling gently and deeply purifies our lungs. The fresh oxygen is being brought to each and every cell of our body.

Every cell is being activated. Slow and deep breathing fuels the body but it also fuels the spirit and the mind. You can compare your lungs to your car: if the pistons of your car are not clean,it cannot run at its best. I’m sure that you are not going to put up with a slugghish car.

You’ll take it immediately to the mechanic to fix the problem! But you don’t do anything about your breathing. Only once you are aware of the importance of slow, gentle, deep breathing, will you be able to change your way of inhaling and exhaling the air. You will see that breathing this way will make you smarter, healthier and calmer.Your relaxation will improve and so will your mental state.

While breathing, do focus on the intake of air and the exhaling air while breathing out. When focusing on whaever you do, you will always see better results, be it breathing or be it any other activity.

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