Small Changes Add Up to Big Improvements

This can be true in whatever you do. The daily habits that get never changed, bring about a monotony that is never good. That applies to all fields of your daily life.
Let’s talk about small changes in your daily diet.
Obviously, who is celebrating Xmas and the New Year, will be eating a lot during the whole holiday season and usually you don’t think of calories or of fat that piles up on your body.
If you want to celebrate without being overwhelmed by the quantities of food, try to pick those foods that you love and reduce the portions you are going to eat. You will feel better because your digestive system does not have to work day and night to elaborate what you are putting into your mouth.
Reducing what you eat, and when you eat it, may improve your sleep.. Maybe this small change is enough for you to help you feel better.
If you prefer to let the festivities go by and to make some little changes to your diet afterwards, introduce the changes step by step. It’s better for your whole system which would suffer a big stress if you changed too many things within a short time. Give yourself 7-10 days for each change and then take another one.
Acknowledge how you feel better, how your anxiety is getting less and lesser. How you are feeling lighter and happier. Then, when you have stabilized this feeling, take another step and get better every day. You will see that it’s worth to put this discipline into your life.
All the best until next time.

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