Seasonal Flu – Can it be Avoided?

We have been taught to believe that at least one season will take you to bed with a flu.
Is this really necessary? Why do we believe it and take it for granted?
The first reason is certainly the collective consciousness. We have been told that winter
brings us undoubtedly a flu. The cold weather, the rainy weather, the snow, the ice, little sun.
According to “science” every year it is a new virus, something even more frightening than the year before.
And we still believe it. This flu comes to all places of the world.
You may live in the United States or you may live in Sweden, or in France or whatever other places, the flu turns up.
Then the medical world tells us that vaccination is the only safe way to keep the flu away.
And most of us believe it. Are these statements true?
You may say yes, because every year you get your flu. You stay in bed for a couple of days or even for a week.
And what would happen if we no longer believed that the flu is inevitable, unavoidable, that it comes like clockwork.
Would you be able to go against the mainstream and the main beliefs? And state that these are old tales,
helping chemists to sell their anti-flu products?
That one can live without being attacked by viruses, by whatever might cause this flu.
You can state it, you can show that you never get a cold, you never get a flu because you believe in life and it’s protecting you.
How can you get this state of defense, of non-attackable health?
Once you know that you are fully protected, that you love yourself completely and that you live in the unconditional love of God, of the Universe or of whatever is Your Supreme Entity you believe in, you can be quite certain that no flu will attack you, that your health is sound, that your protection is sound.
It is not easy to send this message across the world. Medical doctors who believe in vaccines, won’t believe you, most people won’t believe you either. But if you show them by how you live, they must admit that you never get sick, they might at least start to think about what you state and live. This would already be a help for them and for the general belief- patterns, reducing, as a side-effect, the negative energy in the world.

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