Are You Still Riding the Financial Roller Coaster ?

Have you ever noticed that manifestation seems to come more easily to some people than to others?


Fortunate individuals appear to have the “golden touch,” while others… well… they just don’t!
My friend, Edward Mills, was one of those who didn’t have this magical “luck.” He spent  many years riding the financial roller coaster (you might be all-too-familiar with those extreme ups and downs). He enjoyed the feast times and mucked his way through a lot of “famines” before finally saying, “Enough!”
After trying different strategies and techniques without finding any lasting success Edward was guided straight to the source—to the people who obviously knew how to manifest what they want and were doing it consistently and easily.

He ended up interviewing more than 50 “Abundant Mystics”—guides, teachers and leaders who have healed the spirit/money split and created lives overflowing with meaning, money and magic.
And the best part is that he distilled the knowledge he acquired from all these inspirational experts into a simple, easy to follow set of 5 manifestation keys! When Edward looked back at the times in his life when he was getting more of what he wanted he noticed that all five of them were activated and engaged.
And I bet you can guess what else he figure out—those moments when he was struggling to actualize what he wanted—or was getting more of what he DIDN’T WANT—at least one of the keys was missing in action
But here’s the most exciting part: it’s actually really EASY to turn on all 5 of those keys together. In fact, it only takes about 15 minutes a day to get them all humming along in your life. Edward developed a super simple and fun system for activating the 5 keys, and he wants to show you how you can do it successfully too!

This empowered teacher is offering a complimentary call through The Shift Network that will help you Manifest More of What You Want!
On this call you’re going to:
•    Learn a fun and simple technique to disconnect your Self-Worth from your Net-Worth
•    Activate a profound somatic/kinesthetic connection to TRUE Abundance
•    Discover a tool that will make your daily money “practice” just as spiritual as your meditation practice
•    Learn an easy “mind-hack” that short-circuits fear and doubt—empowering you to take the actions that lead to abundance
•    And more!

Edward is an inspiring teacher who is passionate about this topic because he doesn’t want you to spend as much time as he did struggling with that cycle of feast or famine. He really wants YOU to create a life of TRUE Abundance NOW so that you can share your gifts and message from a place of authentic power and presence!
The free call is on Wednesday, May 8th, but register even if you can’t make it because there will be a recording available—so you don’t miss out!
Oh, and Edward is giving away an awesome bonus just for signing up. It’s the Abundant Mystic interview he did with Marci Shimoff, PLUS a bunch of great supporting material, including the transcript, call summary, a toolbox and Take Action Guide. You’ll get instant access to all of this just for registering for the call!
Go sign up for the FREE call and get the great BONUS here:

P.S. Whether you’re still riding that abundance roller coaster or have found some financial stability, these 5 keys will help you create even MORE bounty in your life. And it won’t take a lot of time or effort—just 15-minutes a day will make a transformational difference!

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