Releasing Anxiety, Inviting Peace: Small Changes That Make a Difference

The title of this post is also the title of my new Book just published and available on amazon as well as in all bookstores around the world:

It talks about anxiety, why we have anxiety and when it becomes a true enemy. Everybody has anxiety now and then but people who SUFFER from anxiety have it all the time and are victims of that feeling. This doesn’t  have to be. You really can change things. If you are determined to live a happier life, you will find many advice and tips in this book that help you change your life step by step. Big steps for  big changes are no good. Small changes to reach the big change are easier to take and are more satisfying as you enjoy every single step.


The book is available as printed book on amazon and in all bookstores around the world.  As a

kindle ebook you will obviously find it  on amazon and all of their related stores.

You cerrtainly will enjoy reading the book and understand that your life can be richer, fuller, joyfull and

free from any anxious thoughts.

Go and get it now

PS: the book is also available in Spanish, Italian and will  soon be available   in German too


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