Yes, many of you will confirm that this is a problem. Anxiety sufferers often put off what they should do. It is also understandable because anxiety and procrastination are very often related. But then they also feel guilty and we come to the common denominator  which is low self esteem. Does this ring a bell? Why otherwise would you be afraid of carrying  out your tasks? Always thinking that others might find you made a mistake? So what! Everybody makes mistakes. And who does not, usually doesn’t do anything at all. Mistakes are human. It is better do DO than not to DO. Better make a mistake than not do anything.

If you develop a habit to carry out whatever your task is and not to postpone it, you will be satisfied. Satisfaction is an excellent motivator. The more you do your tasks in time, the better for your self esteem. And if your self esteem gets better, your anxiety might get less. It does not disappear overnight but if you put some effort in your habit, you will be surprised by the positive effect it  has.  Give it a try, it certainly is worth it.

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