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As I already informed you, Learning Strategies are gifting  us  another series of free learning tools. This time it is  Photo-Reading. You will be learning the various steps to read at lightning speed.

Paul Scheele the developer of this course, claims that you are able to read 25,000 . As I was not convinced, I attended it twice. The first time I happened to be in the US and attended the workshop directly at Wayzata where at that time they had their headquarters. Then, a few months later, Paul was in Great Britain and more exactly in London and I attended his workshop again. It then convinced me completely and thoroughly.  Ever since, I have been using PhotoReading not only to read professional stuff  but also for novels. Why so? This method helps you to deepen the understanding of the authors thoughts and makes any reading more playful and more vivid.

Now, when attending these free online classes, you are going to learn a fabulous method. This tool  does not only allow you to read quickly,. It also helps you to enhance your life. Why, you might ask? Because  it helps you to develop your capacity to  understanding  your false beliefs about yourself .It empowers you. Isn’t this worth to be discovered? It certainly is. This method is a pure self-development tool. Actually it is a multiple tool. It helps you to read at unsuspected speeds. It helps you to broaden your vision angle, i.e your sight. It helps you to improve your memory. It helps you to increase your learning capacity. It helps you to be more creative. And you can have all that without spending a dime. You certainly will not want to miss out on that offer.

It all starts on July 29 and goes on for 6 full days. You listen to the classes from your computer or from any other device. Paul Scheele is going to explain his method and you will listen with pleasure as he does it with his humor.

Go here and enroll for free:

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