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Whatever text you would like to read, do it with PhotoReading. Even if you would like to read a novel, do it with the aid of PhotoReading. This method is not only for professional texts ,technical
stuff or other heavy stuff you have to read for your profession. Even a novel shows you more of its beauty. Why that? You can penetrate it better. You can feel the spirit of the text.
You may even enter somehow into the author’s mind. You will understand what’s behind his/her writing. You read with your subconscious mind. Your eyes don’t read. They only help you to stay focused. You see the difference between reading as you learned it and reading the photoreading way.
The method we all learned to read with was very much bound to the logic, to one part of the brain instead of connecting both sides of the brain.
Reading with your whole brain gives you a different experience. It is more playful. You like to read this way. The success is more immediate. Your satisfaction as well.
I think reading should give you a pleasure. It should add to the quality of your life. Don’t you agree?
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You will be able to attend classes  online from July 29 till  August 3.

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  1. Before giving a presentation on peripheral development to a technical college supervisory management team, an instructor PhotoRead ten background books. She activated the books using syntopic reading strategies. The presentation went so well that the management team invited her to return as the subject matter expert for another presentation.

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