PhotoReading is different from Speed Reading

PhotoReading is different from speed reading, systematically easier, and more effective.

You can use it on all types of reading, including highly technical material.

As a result of learning PhotoReading, you can:

• Read more easily with better understanding (even fiction reading becomes easier)

• Improve your memory and sharpen concentration

• Increase your productivity

• Invent whole new perspectives and approaches in life

• Propel yourself to new levels of personal performance

• Enhance your intuition and develop your true potential

• Create more time in your day

• Catapult yourself into a bright future

• Get through information at least three times faster!

This is something you should share with every high school and college student you know—a week learning PhotoReading in July will make next year easier and more valuable.

A Free Pass is available at: This will not last forever, so get your Free Pass today.  




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