Want to be a Peace Pioneer?


Are you already working on your attitude of gratitude? If yes, you might feel  peace coming your way, although  in the outside world, and according to the mainstream news, peace is far away and seems to be unreachable. . What will it take to finally achieve this “peace” that we all long for?

If global peace is important to you, you’ll want to join planetary peacemaker pioneer and visionary James O’Dea for this free online seminar.

Whether you’re called to be asignal  of peace in your neighborhood, school or community; heal conflict within your own family; or work for peace in war-torn regions or high-conflict zones…

…your actions, your choices – big and small – CAN and DO make a difference.

In fact the place to begin is the cultivation of peace within your own heart, and there’s no better person to illuminate the path to peace than James O’Dea.

James has been on the forefront of teaching the way to personal and global peace for decades. His recent bestselling “Cultivating Peace” received widespread acclaim and achieved the #1 ranking from Amazon in International, World Politics AND Violence in Our Society categories.

If you hear the call to peace within your heart, please register now for a free 60-minute call with James O’Dea, where he’ll share the keys to cultivating and spreading peace wherever you are – at a time when the world needs you (and ALL of us) the most.

Cultivating Peace: Your Assignment for a World in Chaos Wednesday, February 6, 5pm PST / 8pm EST / 1am GMT

Register here => https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/cp/Elisabetta/



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