Natural Ways to Help Anxiety

As we already said, there are many natural cures to help people who suffer from anxiety. Many of these cures take into account your body, others help you more with your mind.
Let us focus on your body. It offers so many possibilities. Most people ignore them and it is a pity.
Last time we spoke about pressing the top of your fingers.
Today I would like to talk about your breathing.
Have you ever thought that your breath is the connection between your body and your mind? Without your breath you could not survive. What is strange about your breath is the fact that most people do not breathe properly. Their breathing is superficial. Watch yourself and you will see whether your breathing is deep or superficial.
Deep breathing helps the body to get more oxygen. More than what is usually gets. When an anxiety attack is taking place, the breathing gets hectic, superficial. Unless you are able to control it. You can learn to do just that.
Learn it now, so that when anxiety shows up, you can just switch to deep breathing. Deep breathing will immediately calm your nervous system. Please do it now. Take a deep breath, inhaling through your nose. feel how your lungs are filled with fresh and sparkling air. Then exhale slowly through your mouth. You feel how the air comes out from your lungs. .Then inhale again through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Try to say thanks for each and every breath. This helps you to fix gratitude in your system. I suggest that you do the breathing exercise every day, at the beginning may be just for a couple of minutes,. then you can increase the duration of this breathing exercise. You will feel much fresher if you breathe this way.
When breathing with slow and deep gentle breaths, your whole system benefits from it. You get calmer and calmer. Your nervous system gets what it needs to do its work properly.
Your immune system gets stronger, your brain gets more oxygen and works better.
You see, you can only win. Anxiety shows up when you are tense, when you fear something. With better breathing your tension gets loser or it even disappears. Even if you work hard and get stress related to work, if you just switch your breathing to a slow rhythm, you will immediately feel better. You see, it’s easy. Another step towards an anxiety free life. Take!

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