More Color Meditations

One thing we certainly want to reach is inner balance. You can enhance this feeling of balance with the visualization of ruby, the color of balance. You can enrobe yourself with this color as described in a previous post or you can just imagine the color and feel its warmth around you. It gives you the sensation of something or somebody who cares about you.

It is your innerSelf that helps you find the balance and comfort. You may apply this visualization in any moment of your day whether struggling with anxiety, stress or whether you are in a quiet moment because, the more your strengthen your feeling of balance,the more you will get this quality in life.

Another color I highly recommend is iris-blue, the color of the beautiful flower which is similar to a lily. It is used to strengthen the focus. Focus on your well-being, on your good health, on your calmness, on your gratitude, on your joy. Don’t focus on your anxiety or your stress, because they become stronger and will disturb you more and more. Instead, by focusing on positive values, these values get stronger in your life and you feel safer and protected.

Do these little visualizations as often as you think of them and you will see that your bad feelings get lesser and lesser and your good feelings will take over.

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