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As everybody knows, breathing is the most essential action in our life.

If we do not breathe, life wll leave us. But what most of us do not know is that our ways of breathing are not natural. Especially the Westerners with the culture of speed, are not aware of the lack of oxygen in their lungs. Most people breathe at a rate of 15-20 breaths per minute. But it is not only the speed that is not natural. It is the lack of smoothness of breathing. What we usually do, is hasty and not gentle breathing.

We have no idea that we harm ourselves.

Smooth, gentle and deep breathing can heal us.

It is so important. Actually, it is vital and we can learn it.It seems very easy and it is if you watch a fee simple steps. Don’t do it for too long a time when you get started. It is very unfamiliar to feel the air going through your lungs up to their top.

Many people do not even feel it at the beginning. In fact, we usually breathe only in the middle of the body. One can feel the air there.

Do you ever feel it in the lower part of your body?

Once you start with the slow gentle and deep breathing, you start feeling the air at the bottom of your belly, then you feel it flowing towards the top of your chest. When you have completely filled your lungs, you start to exhale slowly. Again, you can feel the air going out from the top of your lungs, through your whole body and exhaling ends when you feel the air going out at the bottom of your belly. This whole exercise is one breath.I suggest that you count up to 10 while inhaling and then again up to 10 while exhaling

Then you do it over and over again. At the beginning I would suggest you do it just for about 5-6 breaths to get used to the movement. This movement will actually not only let you feel the air. You will also feel your muscles! It is normal. You are activating muscles that usually are not touched by breathing. Once you will have got used to it, it’s a real pleasure.

Then you will feel stronger, more joyous, happier, smarter, clearer in your mind, faster and healthier. Your over all well being is guaranteed. And your whole body and mind will work as natura had foreseen it. Enjoy this new feeling.

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