Manifesting Monday

Hello My Friends,

I received this message from a friend of mine and would really like you to enjoy it and try it out.

The more we think about love and manifestation the better we are manifesting.

I hope you like it as much as I do

And So It Is !!

Emmanuel Dagher with Daemon Rowanchilde and 5 others

Hi my amazing friend, It’s Manifesting Monday!

By coming together in group consciousness & holding the space of “YES” for each others manifestations, we create a powerful vortex for them to show up more quickly.

And…when we hold the space for each other, we MAGNIFY the blessings in our own life.

It’s such an honor to receiving feedback about how our Manifesting Mondays have been creating miracles for you!

Please share your desired vision/manifestation by commenting it below. Then, take moment to read a few of the other comments & hold the space of “YES, I see this for you too.”

Here’s the Manifesting Formula:

Step 1: Open up with an affirmative/empowered statement such as “I am, I have, I create, I affirm, I choose, I now step into, etc…”

These statements immediately begin anchoring our desired manifestations into the present moment.

Some phrases we want to stay away from are: “I want or I need,” because they keep our manifestations just out of reach.

Step 2: Share desired manifestation.

Step 3: Magnify the statement with “This or something greater & so it is!”

This final statement opens us up to receiving our blessings without having to be limited to the specifics of the how, where, when, who, why’s that usually block us from actually attracting what we’d like to experience.

So here is my desired manifestation for this week:

“I choose to expand my heart and mind even more so that I can continue sharing and being Divine Love in action always. And so it is.”

Now, it’s your turn to share. What would you like thousands of amazing friends across the world to envision for you?

Give yourself permission to receive this kind of love & support!

Over the coming days & weeks ahead, begin to be mindful of how the Universe brings into your life your desired manifestation.

Thank you for sharing these posts with your friends & loved ones as it magnifies the manifesting vortex for all.


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