Liberating Yourself from Stress with EFT

EFT, the acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique has taken the world by storm. In fact, within a short period of time it has spread all over the globe.
The reason for this quick “distribution”: it works, and it works quickly
EFT is a Western way of using the meridians, the energy channels, discovered by the Ancient Chinese many thousand of years ago.
This method is simple to learn, it can be learned within a few hours. It has shown its validity especially in dissolving stress related dis- eases. Or stress itself. One has to distinguish between good stress and bad stress. or, as the science says eu-stress and bad stress. Eu-stress is the type of stress that enhances performance of body or mind. The bad stress does a lot of harm to all parts of the human being. For this reason, a simple method like EFT is a godsend.
EFT makes use of various energy points found on the head, on the hands  and on the upper part of the body.
The activation of these energy spots is made by tapping with one hand.
The preparation starts when, you tap the edge of one hand with the other hand and confirm that  “even though I am suffering from this stress (give the stress the exact name, like traffic stress work related stress, or whatever else is your particular stress), I love and accept myself deeply and completely”. Repeat these words three times while tapping the outer  edge of your other hand. For the tapping of the various points, you do not need to repeat the full sentence. You just tap repeating your type of stress. First point: at the top of your head. Do not beat your head, but just tap smoothly. Then you tap just above your eyebrows, next point is at the edge of your eyes, then under your eyes. You go further and tap under your nose, then under your lower lip. Then on your chest the points under the chest bones and finally you tap under your arms. Do tap all these points three times at a time. Then repeat the whole procedure for two more times before you  return to your hand. You then tap the point between your little finger and the ringfinger (called the gamut)  by repeating the abreviated sentence you used to tap the other points. The sequence of the tapping of this latter point is: do it with eyes open looking straight forward, then do it with eyes closed. Then without moving your head, look down to your right, then to your left and let your eyes turn clockwise and then counterclockwise. Then you chant five notes, count backwards from five to one and chant another five notes. When done, you repeat the cycle on the various points, just pronouncing the word or the sentence of your stress. Before you begin to tap, give your stress a value between 10 and 1. Ten being the maximum and 1 the minimum of sufferance. After you have finished the whole cycle, ask yourself, how you are feeling. At which point has your stress arrived.?
Go ahead tapping until your stress has completely gone or is reduced to as little as 1 or 2 on the scale from 10 to 1. It does not take much time to do the whole cycle, but the invested time pays you well in more calmness and joy.
You will have freed yourself from your daily stress and this is priceless.

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