Join Master Chunyi Lin for SpringForestQiGongFest

As already discussed in former posts, SpringForestQiGong is a fantastic method to regain your health. Now, for the first time ever, Learning Strategies Corporation who have published the home study course of SpringForestQiGong, offer a unique opportunity .
Master Chunyi LIn will guide video and audio sessions to teach, completely free of charge, the first level of his course. These are the small exercises part of which you already know.
However, it is certainly a good opportunity to learn directly from the developer of the method. As you may know, QiGong has been around for more than 5,000 years but only Master Chunyi Lin has seen the difficulty for Westerners to carry out the original exercises and has therefore simplified them for us.
As you will learn when registering at, this method has found appreciation in the medical world and is used by many physicians in order to help people without the aid of medication.
I highly recommend you follow the sessions. You will certainly get aware of the benefits that this method can give you.
The exercises are very simple. You can carry them out while standing, sitting or lying on your bed. The benefits are always there.
They focus on active exercises, that is simple physical movements, on sound, on mental concentration and on meditation. Even if you just follow the simple active exercises, you will notice that you feel more relaxed, that you sleep better and that your overall well-being is increased. For people who need to lose weight, these exercises can even help you do just that. In fact, the energy knows where it is needed. QiGong healing is information healing, message healing. Some energy is stuck somewhere in your systems and, thanks to the exercises you can unblock it. This unwanted energy then leaves your body and in any case the part where it was blocked. New energy can flow in and cleanse the energy channels.
Wherever you feel a pain or an uneasiness, there is a block of energy. When doing the exercises developed by Master Chunyi Lin, you feel that there is a reaction in your body. You may directly feel the energy leaving your body. or you may feel the new energy flowing into your body. Both sensations are interesting. Everybody has its own way to feel. It depends on everybody’s own systems.
However, there is never a danger involved. Everything happens in a beneficial way.
When you enroll, you will be able to read the whole text written by the president of Learning Strategies. He speaks of his own experiences and of the fact that everybody who works at his company does SpringForestQiGong. They do it together, everyday there is a session at 11.30 am. I have been there many timnes and can say that you feel the good energy in their rooms and staying with the people around.
As you can see from the offer, the classes take place all day long, 23.30 hours a day. This helps everybody to get the lessons offered on each day, whether you stay in US or in India, in Europe or in South Africa. You will find a moment in your day and you will find exactly what you will be looking for. The sessions start on March 12 and go on for 6 days.
Again, I really encourage you to take advantage of this offer. You certainly will not regret it.

Go now to and enroll for the SprinForestQiGongFest and get the information you need to attend.

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